is fairlife milk good for weight loss

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My thought after reading the packaging was this great for after a workout or for someone who is lactose intolerant. If you do put it in your supply, your dairy plant will reject your milk and you pay for THE ENTIRE TRUCK OF MILK THAT YOU CONTAMINATED!!! Even if it’s true that this is simply “filtered milk” (which I doubt)…will Fair Oaks, or Fairlife, or Coke, bother to make sure this “filtered milk” isn’t rife with antibiotics and hormones (some of which are genetically modified)? It’s just too much going on in the ingredients label for me. Growing up “straight from the cow” milk was the “affordable thing”. I had absolutely no idea until looked at the back of the bottle. And, I’m honored by your kind words. As a diabetic, I can drink milk again!!! Hi Mandy, Sue McCloskey from fairlife, here. I’ve slimmed down to very low body fat and my short-term musculature is waning, but I am still strong, relatively energetic, and sufficiently intelligent.. All I can say is Thank You Fair Life! A ferrous wheel. I’ll take the sugar any day. We pasteurize our milk at an even higher temperature for less time. 5 glasses of fairlife would provide you 60 grams plus all the other vitamins and minerals that go along…. And yes I’ve seen videos and documentaries. I typically purchase milk produced by a local farm that utilizes glass bottles for packaging, to support my local economy and for the amazing fresh taste. I checked with our Chief Scientist, Shakeel, and he said that a glass of fairlife has just a bit more potassium than a glass of regular milk. The Ketogenic Diet is a low carbohydrate method of eating. Amen….very well said sue. I noticed today,5-29-2015 that my fairlife milk will not expire until August 13 2015. Coke saw the opportunity to bring a new, innovative and healthy option to the dairy case and signed on. Second, I wanted to address the “smell” that you’re getting off of the caps. Do you starve them and not allow them to nurse? If this is UHT, why is it in the refrigerator at all? It seems like supermarkets are coming to a similar conclusion. There will always be haters out there….. Sulfur compounds are basic components of food flavors when present in low concentrations for examples in heated strawberry puree. Wow! And some of the sugar is filtered out. To answer your question, I think I need to start by telling you that all the milk that is sold to make all of our favorite dairy products is antibiotic-free. I hope that I didn’t bore you with this explanation, but I wanted to make sure that you got all the information you needed to be assured that your fairlife is as safe as it tastes good! I’m not at all comfortable with that. Live and let live. Also talk to farmers, like myself, veterinarians, and people who know more than you and people directly in the industry before forming an opinion. My disability is none of your business, and isn't up for discussion. If Fair Oaks Farms sounds familiar it may be because Mike Rowe played cow midwife in an episode of Dirty Jobs there. No, its not a new carbonated drink, juice, or otherwise flavored water. Try it. Even not being the Nurse, but just being the consumer, I feel I have something to say as well. Fairlife was founded by a husband (veterinarian) and wife team who are committed to environmentally sound farming with transparency from grass to glass. . The lactose that we do leave in is then converted by adding the enzyme, lactase, to fracture the bond of the lactose molecule into glucose and galactose. View Entire Discussion (4 Comments) More posts from the keto community. The flavor rememberance was resurrected when I tried Fairlife the first time!!! It tastes great. fairlife® Fat-Free Ultra-Filtered Milk; fairlife® Whole Ultra-Filtered Milk; ... Everyone knows that exercise is good for you. So the price for me to buy the product is actually almost the same price of whole milk gallon.

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