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'; img_thumb_height = 150; 3.1M likes. }); var sf = $.fn.superfish; We will explain the missions part by part. Saying that Family Farm Seaside is a popular game is an understatement. // else e.type == "onmouseover" $$.showSuperfishUl().siblings().hideSuperfishUl(); Welcome to the ONLY official fanpage for Family Farm! // Change event on select element containerClass: 'menu-primary-responsive-container', if ( options ) { var height = ( this.tagName.toLowerCase() === 'object' || ($this.attr('height') && !isNaN(parseInt($this.attr('height'), 10))) ) ? dropShadows: false, }).each(function() { Players all around the globe have falling in love with Family Farm Seaside and it’s easy to see why. pathLevels : 1, if( $this.parents('ul').hasClass( settings.subMenuClass ) ) { var blloc2 = jQuery(this).attr('href'); Family Room Restored Farm House . Showing posts with label Botanic Garden. Popular PC Games. cfg = $.extend(cfg, g ? ob.hoverIntent_t = clearTimeout(ob.hoverIntent_t); The "No Place Like Home" Family Farm Quest series has 6 parts. Just like in the Blue Egg mission, there is a chance you'll find an egg each fertilize; you will not find one every single time you fertilize. cY = ev.pageY; return menu; onShow : function(){}, Welcome to the Family Farm Missions. clearTimeout(menu.sfTimer); selectors.push(settings.customSelector); Family Farm Facebook App Mission Guide. speed: 200, The game has a massive 1.5 million reviews and even more downloads. Activity: Decorations are rewards from certain activities in Family Farm Seaside. //',{ } (function($){ */ }); }); By completing every level you get Coins and XP . This Island must be unlocked by completing six separate Quests that constitute pieces in a puzzle. .hideSuperfishUl(); if (ob.hoverIntent_s != 1) { ob.hoverIntent_t = setTimeout( function(){compare(ev,ob);} , cfg.interval );} I have created a separate site for the Island: Island Guide }); not = (o.retainPath===true) ? if(strx.indexOf("<")!=-1) [CDATA[ Some Quests in the past have included tasks that required a large number of Seafood items. "iframe[src*=''][src*='video.html']", Missions Spéciales. // 6 && o.dropShadows && o.animation.opacity!=undefined) //]]> prev: '.fp-prev', // set hoverIntent state to true (so mouseOut can be called) dropShadows : true, $('