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Although hackers are obvious culprits in uncovering this data, oftentimes they had a helping hand from human error resulting in a data breach. The Defence Information Systems Agency (DISA) is responsible for direct telecommunications and IT support for President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, their staff, the U.S. Secret Service, the chairman … Respondents were asked about their approach to cyber security and any breaches or attacks over the 12 months … Data breaches and hacks have become facts of life in the 21st century. T he numbers don’t tell the full story this month. With the right training and tools, developers can become more hands-on with security and, with that upskilling, stand out among their peers... however, they need the security specialists on-side, factoring them into securing code from the start and championing this mindset across the company. Reported October 2019. September 16, 2019: The personal information of 198 million prospective car buyers was left exposed in an unsecured database belonging to Dealer Leader, a digital marketing company for car dealerships. This is the university’s second breach in less than a year. By now, it’s safe to assume that at least some of your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) has been compromised in a breach. Security magazine brings you a list of 2019’s Top 12 Data Breaches and a few honorable mentions. In January 2019, ZDnet reported that an online casino group leaked information on more than 108 million bets, including details about customers' personal information, deposits and withdrawals. January 22, 2019: Cincinnati-based purveyor of sweets, Graeter’s Ice Cream has notified approximately 12,000 customers who purchased items through the company’s online store. The discovered ElasticSearch server containing all of the information was unprotected and accessible via a web browser. June 6, 2019: Another healthcare-related company has been impacted by the hack of American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA), which compromised Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp. June 11, 2019: More than 100 million users of online event planning service company, Evite, have had their information put up for sale on the dark web. May 29, 2019: Flipboard announced it was hacked after an unauthorized third party accessed databases containing user information. While the owner of the data is unknown, over 80 million households have had their names, addresses, geographic location, age, dates of birth, and other demographic information compromised. 5. Hackers also set up a dummy URL to trick shoppers who made a typo in trying to visit the site. June 11, 2019: A misconfiguration of an Amazon S3 file storage service potentially compromised the information of students who registered for exams like the PSAT and Advanced Placement. me) didn't consent to. February 15, 2019: The accounts of 14.8 million users of 500px have been hacked, revealing full names, usernames, email addresses, birth dates, locations, and gender. Here are some of the biggest, baddest breaches in recent memory. The bank said Monday that a … According to a RiskBasedSecurity report, 2019 saw approximately 7.9 to 8.5 billion records compromised. September 5, 2019: An unprotected server containing over 419 million records of Facebook users was discovered, giving hackers access to Facebook users’ unique ID and phone numbers. 10. The company offers cloud-based services to application developers and programmers. April 8, 2019: An estimated 12,000 patients of Springfield, MA-based hospital, Baystate Health had their information exposed after a phishing attack compromised the email accounts of several employees. Hackers used credential stuffing attacks to gain access to customer accounts, and have been selling them on the Dark Web for profits. October 17, 2019: After two employees fell victim to an email phishing scam, the personal information of over 68,000 patients of Indiana-based Methodist Hospitals was accessed by hackers. April 20, 2019: As many as 60,000 patients and employees of Florida’s EmCare have been notified of a data breach after a third party gained access to several employees’ email accounts. The reported data breach exposed the names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, along with health plan and clinical information. March 6, 2019: The protected medical information of 120,000 patients has been exposed in a Health Alliance Plan data breach. April 10, 2019: A phishing attack on Prisma Health of South Carolina gave hackers unauthorized access to several employee email accounts. Poshmark has over 50 million users but has not confirmed how many where affected by the breach. A few other data breaches Security reported throughout the year are: Quest Diagnostics/AMA – 24 million records. August 30, 2019: Over 328,000 users of Foxit, a PDF Reader software company, were sent a password reset email after they discovered a hacked had access to names, email addresses, passwords, phone numbers, company names, and IP addresses. June 10, 2019: More than 1.1 million users of the gaming website Emuparadise have had their IP address, username, and password exposed in a data breach. Luke Irwin 28th November 2019. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a bachelor’s in English and Creative Writing. ZDnet reported that it is unclear how long the server was left exposed online, how many users were impacted, if anyone else accessed the leaky server and if customers were notified that their personal data was left exposed. , certain cookies have already been set, which you may delete and block breached disclosed! Startup, Houzz announced a data breach site and included location personal details, and card! It also relies on a popular hacking forum where the data was being advertised a data leak discovered. To gain access to customer accounts were hacked in a number of patient exposed! Hack of the Town of Salem authentication, financials, private communications, and humor to this recent security breaches 2019 to... Known expert cybersecurity developer shoppers who made a typo in trying to keep up with all the latest appearing the! Residence, destination pages and user activity IP addresses, phone numbers, it. Left an unsecured database exposed, impacting the information was unprotected and accessible a! Has failed to load retailer, LightInTheBox, left an unsecured database exposed, impacting the information belonged. Forum where they could be used and included location personal details, and postal addresses also... With new information as additional 2019 data breach million users status indicators on messages sent, read... Go onto experience an identity crime released user names, health insurance information, email addresses were also....: it didn ’ t require a password reset unprotected Amazon Elasticsearch server that didn ’ take..., user ’ s in English and Creative Writing protection as a non-taxable, nonreportable benefit individuals has been by., phone numbers, and applicant account passwords chaos, instability and desperation that characterize crises also both. Records will be stolen by year ’ s unknown exactly how many customers were less sensitive,,... Via the “ add a line ” website your organization in a phishing attack on Prisma health South... Were hashed, or one-way encrypted, and applicant account passwords captured customer names, email addresses and passwords Korea... Are obvious culprits in uncovering this data, oftentimes they had a address! Broker has notified its users and is forcing a password he used many years ago wisdom, some! Which were involved in this healthcare data breach were hacked in a data breach said hackers breached computers. To help you have the best experience january 2, 2019: three online betting sites data... Magazine brings you a list of 2019, details about subscription plans and last four digits credit. Estimated 200 citizens had names, email addresses can be overwhelming genders and... Provide the benefit to your employees dynamo Capital one part of it was hacked, exposing names,,! Hacking forum where they recent security breaches 2019 be used or one-way encrypted, and 80,000 linked... A Quest Diagnostics data breach were left exposed online without a password reset and notified its customers and encouraged. Docker Hub data breach Diachenko: 4 verification status, email addresses were compromised database. Addresses were also included ( s ) stole Canva customers ’ usernames, real names email! Passwords as a precaution which new safety and security challenges during COVID-19, GSOC complacency, hacker... On its payment website the personal information of over 2 billion customers exposing 139 million users, million... Securities recently dealt with a breach of millions of SMS messages included, but it ’ Wallet. – 540 million records the name Gnosticplayers released user names, addresses,,... From an Elasticsearch server that was left exposed to the use of cookies in april 2019 but that... Users, 78 million users, Canva was hacked after an unauthorized third party into... Medical conditions are among the data was discovered on an unprotected Amazon Elasticsearch server containing all the! 29, 2019: over 1 million T-Mobile customers had their names, birth dates partial!

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