Otter & Arrow Land Planning is based on the principle of “balance for natural and man-made environments”. The otter represents the natural world, and the arrow represents human intervention into the natural world. We formulate plans that fit the client’s expectations with the least impact upon the native landscape.

Otter And Arrow specializes in creative green building techniques to save our clients money as well as reduce impact upon the land. We base all our decisions upon common sense conservation that can solve problems for our client as well as create a sustainable environment for generations to come. The corner stone of our business is built upon sustainability as the foundation.

Otter And Arrow prides itself on the ability to work in a team environment. Understanding how a project goes from start to finish helps us understand where we need to meet our client’s needs and the other members of the team. We know that we can contribute our expertise to benefit all parties achieve their objectives, and provide a unique angle to land planning.

Otter And Arrow does not limit its clientele, whether the project is a large subdivision development or a back yard design and install. We take the same attention to detail and stand by our principles by using the land to the best of its ability. We can use our tailored services in many different arenas, from consultation to installation.