Land Planning & Landscape Architecture

Otter and Arrow Land Planning understands that each geographical region has it’s own set of unique of characteristics. It is our goal to recognize these features and embellish upon the most desirable aspects to deliver spectacular land planning.

Based on the site analysis and your criteria, we will recommend a complete Master Plan that comprises all the individual assessments of grading, environmental impacts, hydrology, and topography. Put our decade of steep slope land planning to work on your next project today.


Environmental Conservation Planning

Develop for the Future

One of the most important forms of development that is directly involved in preserving our future are Conservation Developments. Environmental conservation planning preserves a portion of the natural environment allowing public use of the green space with the promise that no future development will occur.

Our designers have contributed environmental conservation planning to projects such as Laurel Mountain Preserve, Diamond Creek, Wolf Creek Ranch, and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian projects, Cooper’s Creek and Long Branch. Speak with an Otter & Arrow specialist about the benefits of conservation planning today.


Urban Design

Cities Connected

Modern urban design is an art form all its own. Gone are the days of concrete vistas and buried waterways. Today, natural elements are enhanced through restoration of native species, careful run-off planning, and a deep understanding of all our impacts on the land.

The designers at Otter and Arrow are passionate about preserving the natural environment while serving client concerns on traffic volumes and site density. Great care is taken in each urban design to ensure a proper balance between the natural and man-made elements.


Green Roof Design

New Natural Heights

Take your project to the next level with a Green Roof Design from Otter and Arrow Land Planning. We work in close conjunction with your Architect to create the green space of your dreams in an otherwise underutilized space.

Green Roof Design makes a dramtic impact on your environment and reduces your overall impact to the site. Call and speak with an Otter and Arrow representative for complete details on Green Roof Design.


Total Site Integration

Native Species, Hardscapes, and Unity

Individual homesites need the same careful attention to detail invested in a developments Masterplan. Effective landscape design gives each resident the feel of the larger whole while the environment benefits from proper integration of native and exotic plant species.

Combined with dramtic and appropriate hardscapes, professional Landscape Design will make each homesite both raise and reflect the best qualities of your development.


3D Modeling

Advanced Technology

3D modeling technology at Otter and Arrow allows you to take your marketing and planning presentations to a whole new level. Give your buyers an in-depth feel for your development even if ground breaking is months away.

Call and speak with an Otter and Arrow representative for complete details on our 3D modeling technologies.



Hands on Expertise

Otter And Arrow is a unique Landscape Architecture firm because of the fact that a project managed by them can be taken from concept to completion. Otter and Arrow will not only design the layouts, renderings and drafts, but also perform the installation. Having a singular contact for a project takes troublesome variables out of the equation and allows for complete control. This gives the client more stability for their projects and helps the designer know that ideas will truly become a reality.


Other Services

  • Master Plan Subdivisions
  • Conservation Design
  • Multi-Family Residential
  • Home Sites
  • Mixed-use Development
  • Entrance Designs
  • Urban Design
  • Retail Development
  • Golf Community Design
  • Master Plan Renderings
  • Site Planning
  • Road Layout
  • Erosion Control
  • Stormwater Plans
  • City/County Submittals